Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you know you’ll be moving. The earlier you book, the better your chances of moving on the day you prefer.

Our guys are fast, fit, and efficient and will do the job as quickly and safely as they possibly can. They are highly experienced and have been working with us for some time. They use their skills and experience to make your move go smoothly.

Local moves usually happen on one day. If you’re moving interstate or moving overseas, transit times depend on your destination, freight method, volume and availability.

On Time Removals use a number of different vehicles to be sure you get the right furniture truck for your job.

The 3rd man is important to be there for the big moves also with the third man your move will be performed a lot quicker saving you money overall.

We accept cash, MasterCard and VisaCard for payments.

Yes, a tax receipt is emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment.

This is up to you, but we strongly suggest that you consider it as your goods will be exposed to a higher risk of loss/damage than when they are inside the home.

That is up to you. If you decide to insure only specific items, anything that is not on the list will not be covered.

Despite all the care and expertise, we take, accidents can still happen and some things are outside our control. We will endeavour to ensure there is no loss or damage, but we do recommend you take out insurance.

Any item worth more than $300 that the drivers believe may be damaged in the move will need to be protected to be covered by the Warranty.

Yes, you can pick up the boxes from our office, also let us know if you require more boxes and we can deliver all the boxes you need into the collection date.

Any damaged or missing boxes will incur a replacement cost.

Yes, we have everything you need for self-packing. We also offer full packing services. From boxes to bubble wrap, the materials you need are available at our warehouse at competitive prices.

Yes, you can buy boxes from us.

We do not transport pets. Ideally, pets travel best in your own car.

If your plants are very dear to you, we suggest you take them with you. Therefore, we suggest you not to move your plants unless you absolutely cannot leave them behind.