Coffee Joins Bagel Against OkCupid For Gay Singles

Choosing the proper homosexual matchmaking app indicates you have the most useful possibility of fulfilling the right man for you. Coffee matches Bagel and OkCupid are both reputable relationship applications. Discover the truth which one stands out for gay singles these days. See how they vary, which is actually cheaper, and fits the internet dating needs better.

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Coffee Meets Bagel vs. OkCupid for homosexual singles: the difference

They are major differences between Coffee Meets Bagel, or CMB for quick, and OkCupid.

Java Meets Bagel

Running for over ten years Functioning for over two decades
2 sex choices (male & feminine) 22 sex choices (incl. male & female)
Dating software merely Dating app and web site available

Why is Coffee Meets Bagel outstanding app for gay singles?

Java Meets Bagel
way of online dating attracts a lot of homosexual singles. The CMB software actually planning to shoot an endless stream of profiles at you. As an alternative you’re going to get 6
curated internet dating profiles
everyday. Your daily profiles tend to be picked by an algorithm predicated on:

  • Singles which have appreciated the profile
  • The claimed preferences
  • Compatible profile criteria such as interests, knowledge, and personal groups

Coffee Meets Bagel thinks the choices you arranged whenever you signup as “dealbreakers”. This implies the application will pick curated profiles based on the stated tastes to ensure chosen matches satisfy your own expectations as closely as you are able to.

CMB provides two sign-up techniques: through a Twitter membership or a verified number. This provides the dating platform prospective insights into compatibility between various consumers.

As soon as your choices tend to be met, CMB then actively seeks being compatible various other categories. Coffee matches Bagel is in a position to pull some general details from fb to find usual trends between users. A few of these traits aspect into the assortment of the 6 curated users.

While Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t invariably market itself solely as a homosexual dating software, nevertheless, lots of people have successfully discovered their particular homosexual bagel (a match in CMB slang). The CMB blog site features a dedicated homosexual matchmaking area with success tales and eye-opening user polls.

It is really worth looking at for heartwarming meet-cute stories, cheeky internet dating memes, plus the in-depth studies throughout the a lot of adventurous locations to have intercourse.

Why is OkCupid an excellent app for gay singles?

is much more proactive with respect to inclusivity. Beginning with their tagline, “Online dating for every single individual”, OkCupid begins powerful aided by the soon after gay-friendly attributes:

  • 20 gender alternatives (in addition to male and female) offered whenever joining.
  • 12 intimate orientations to choose from.
  • Privacy controls for LGBTQ+ singles
  • LGBTQ+ help posts

OkCupid’s LGBTQ+ privacy controls are fundamental function for homosexual singles regarding the software. In case the OkCupid profile is scheduled to homosexual or bisexual, it is possible to pick to not see heterosexual pages in order to never be observed by right users, irrespective their particular look criteria. This considerably contributes to LGBTQ+ safety on OkCupid.

The OkCupid help middle has actually particular sources for homosexual singles regarding software. You can discover more about
LGBTQ+ protection subject areas
including suggestions for using OkCupid whilst travelling as a homosexual one. This demonstrates that OkCupid has gay singles planned about app functions.

Choosing your own gay matchmaking software: java Meets Bagel vs OkCupid

Just the right
gay matchmaking
app for your family depends upon your internet dating targets – you should determine whether you would like informal enjoyable or a serious relationship. Dating programs are just like folks, you’ll have to discover the people you click with. It might be Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, and even one thing entirely various.

Internet dating strategies for homosexual singles

Before picking the fave app, be sure you discover all of our
homosexual relationship software

What type is cheaper: Coffee Meets Bagel vs. OkCupid

The good thing is that the major characteristics on both applications may be used free-of-charge. This includes producing a profile, viewing different users, and chatting gay singles you’ve matched up with.

The not so great news is that both applications cost for any other attributes that provide people a better notion of who’s interested in them. See below how much paid subscriptions cost for every app.

OkCupid features two sections with their paid memberships (fundamental and superior) at various pricing degrees. Java Meets Bagel only has one premium subscription.

Membership plans

OkCupid Basic membership

OkCupid superior account

Java Touches Bagel Superior account

30 days
$15.95 per month $34.90 per month $34.99 per month

3 months
$11.95 every month $29.90 per month n/a

six months
$7.95 each month $24.90 each month $20 monthly

OkCupid is actually less expensive than Coffee Meets Bagel, in case you are only interested in the least expensive month-to-month paid alternative. But that isn’t the entire tale.

Below we contrast the characteristics and rewards of settled subscriptions on OkCupid and java Meets Bagel to determine what any provides the majority of affordable

Feature contrast

OkCupid fundamental account

OkCupid superior account

Coffee Joins Bagel Superior Account
No additional adverts No additional advertisements See all likes and match instantaneously together with them
Infinite likes Infinite likes Activity reports and insights
Unlock all intro emails Unlock all intro communications Read receipts
Set dealbreakers Set dealbreakers Visibility boost for just two times of monthly
See everybody who has got liked your profile Unlimited

Skip The Range
See public answers from a profile just before answer them 8

Discover Likes

every month

Both OkCupid and java Meets Bagel paid memberships have endless loves. Having the ability to like as numerous users as you would like does not mean that everyone wants you straight back, however it really does make suits more inclined.

The “dealbreaker” element, where you arranged tight matching requirements, seems like it really is distinctive to OkCupid. That isn’t happening since Coffee Meets Bagel contains this with its free solution as part of its matching algorithm.

OkCupid paid functions enable you to like more users, see exactly who wants you, and additionally preview replies to icebreaker questions.

The Coffee Meets Bagel settled characteristics extend further. Not only can you see who loves you you could also be observed by a lot more users through miss the Line, Discover loves, and month-to-month profile improves. That last feature by yourself may result in a five-fold escalation in profile opinions over a 2 time period.

The end result is that unless you are only following the cheapest membership possible after that java Meets Bagel is clearly less expensive for the money.

The 6-month advanced bundle from Coffee Meets Bagel is clearly cheaper than OkCupid’s and also you get more in terms of premium characteristics and rewards.

Which one is much better for homosexual singles? Coffee Meets Bagel vs. OkCupid

Java joins Bagel and OkCupid each have actually their particular advantages and disadvantages. Let us check out what they’re before making a decision on one last decision.

Coffee suits Bagel good and bad points

They’re pros and cons we discovered while studying java Meets Bagel’s center attributes and premium perks.


✅ Curated gay unmarried pages offered daily ❌ Designed primarily for directly users
✅ high quality over volume approach ❌ restricted market outside big places
✅ Gay dating weblog with fantastic recommendations and tales ❌ much less designed for gay relaxed dating
✅ made solutions with better value for cash ❌ App-only matchmaking service
✅ application shop analysis rating: 4.5 out of 5

OkCupid pros and cons

Here you will find the OkCupid benefits and drawbacks that emerged while taking a look at the solution with this dating service evaluation.


✅ Inclusive functions and concept ❌ Not many homosexual singles outside metropolises
✅ confidentiality choices for gay singles ❌ much less worthy of gay casual matchmaking
✅ LGBT sources in assistance heart ❌ No profile curation
✅ Access OkCupid through software or site ❌ made functions tend to be restricted
✅ application shop overview rating: 4.3 regarding 5

Coffee Meets Bagel vs OkCupid for homosexual singles: Final rounded

Both internet dating programs are worthy of homosexual singles looking really serious interactions. If you are after a casual big date, these is probably not the
finest programs

OkCupid was designed to be since comprehensive as you are able to, while java Meets Bagel eliminates the situation of overwhelming choice through day-to-day curated matches. Both dating programs are fully useful, regarding chatting and viewing fits, and never having to shell out anything at all. Meaning you may get some usage from the free adaptation.

But when comparing which of the two programs is best for homosexual singles, java Meets Bagel narrowly sounds OkCupid. CMB provides a quality over quantity approach which provides some thing new, a little greater review results from software people, and much better paid account functions.

Matchmaking apps compared

Have a look at all of our online dating software reviews in order to pick the right one for you personally.

Get started on: gay dating solutions

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